Who am I ?

I am the chief Martial Arts instructor at Great Basin College located in Elko Nevada. I teach Kyokushin Karate, Jujitsu and Judo. I have been in the Martial Arts since 1962 and still learning!


    My Background

    I am a father with a wife (Over forty years) and three grown boys , 13 grand kids and 1 great grand kid on the way! Live in Elko Nevada and surrounded by the Ruby Mountains. Love the out doors and fishing. I play guitar and write. I am an internet marketer and coach. I design websites do graphics and video marketing. I love helping people succeed so they can have the good life.

    My Aim is to teach my skills to as many people as I can and share all of my life experiences so no one will make the mistakes I’ve made!

    I have over fifty years in the Martial Arts. I have studied with some of the best in the field and have been blessed. I am a 7th dan Kyokushin, 5th dan Judo, 5th dan Jujitsu, 4th dan AIKI JuJitsu, 1st dan American Free Style Karate, and several years in Kung-fu.

    I want to continue building my organization and have top notch students. I want the general public understand the true meaning and nature of the arts and get more involved. I will continue to give to my students so they can grow.

    Jon W. Rynearson